Current Tenders

We are pleased to announce a tender opportunity for OAMS Hydrotherapy Construction Project . This tender is conducted under a closed tendering process and is by invitation only.

Eligibility: This tender is exclusive to pre-selected firms that have been directly invited by OAMS. Participation in the tendering process, including the submission of bids and subsequent evaluation, is strictly limited to these invited entities. Any submissions from non-invited parties will not be considered.

Tender Submission: Invited tenderers are required to submit their proposals through this portal by 11:59 pm, 03/05/2024. All necessary documentation, including tender instructions, evaluation criteria, and project specifications, are accessible to invited tenderers via the email sent to the selected tenderers.

Evaluation Process: All submissions will be subject to a rigorous evaluation process based on predefined criteria detailed within the tender documents. Only the proposals from invited tenderers will be reviewed and evaluated.

Inquiries: For any inquiries or further information, invited tenderers may contact the person(s) specified in tendering documents. Please reference the tender name “OAMS Hydrotherapy” in all communications and email subjects.

We look forward to receiving your proposals and thank you for your interest in contributing to this project.