Notice of Annual General Meeting

All members of the corporation are advised that an Annual General Meeting of members will take place as follows:

Time:                      10am – 12noon

Date:                      17th November 2023

Place:                     27-31 Perc Griffith Way, ORANGE NSW 2800


  1. Confirm the chair of the meeting (in accordance with the rule book)
  2. Apologies
  3. Accept proxy votes
  4. Minutes of the previous annual general meeting (AGM) and matters arising
  5. Corporation reports
    • CEO’s report,
    • Directors’ report (Chairperson)
    • Financial report and;
    • Auditor’s report
  1. Appointment of an auditor for the next financial year (if required) and their fee, or authorising directors to set the fee
  2. Special Resolutions
    • Under Rule 5.13: ‘Payment to Directors’

“A director can be paid a salary or sitting fees for their work as Directors”

Therefore the motion before the members is    ”that OACHS commences payment for

Directors from January 2023, being $10,000 per Director per annum (excluding Managing Director)

 for their term of office according to the OACHS Constitution.

  1. Any other business