Our whole of life approach to health starts here.  The early years of a child’s life provide the foundation for future heath, development and wellbeing. Good health is an important element in a child’s quality of life as it can influence participation in many aspects of life, including schooling and recreation.

From Pregnancy to 18 years

OAMS provides support and information throughout the pregnancy journey. Antenatal care includes a birth plan and group prenatal classes.

OAMS midwife, child & family nurse and Aboriginal Health Worker work closely with other healthcare professionals as well as the Orange Local Health Service to ensure optimal outcomes for our clients and their baby is achieved.

Following the birth of your baby, OAMS midwife will visit you at your home within 24 hours after release from the hospital. We will support you sharing practical advice and provide assistance with feeding and caring for your newborn.

The midwife will care for you and your baby up to six weeks where your baby will be referred to the OAMS child and family health nurse.

OAMS offers a variety of child and family health services including:

  • Assistance with parent difficulties e.g. sleeping, feeding and settling
  • Immunisations
  • Babies growth and development
  • Child health checks
  • Education & links to any additional family and parenting support required
  • Playing with your baby or toddler
  • Wellbeing of the mother and extended family
  • Referrals to specialist services


The ‘Blue Book’ is another name for the Personal Health Record. This booklet, bound in a blue plastic cover, is produced by the NSW Ministry of Health, and is given to all parents in NSW after the birth of a baby.

The Blue Book is important for you and your child. It records your child’s health, illnesses, injuries, and growth and development as well as immunisations. The Blue Book also contains valuable health information that you and your child will need throughout their life.

The Blue Book is to help parents and health professionals to more effectively work together to achieve the best health and development outcomes for children.

OAMS supports the use of this book and encourages parents to bring the blue book with them for all visits to OAMS.