The aim of a health check is for early detection, diagnosis and prevention/intervention for common and treatable conditions. The health check makes sure you, as an individual, are receiving the best health care for your needs and aims to keep you healthy for life.

During the health check, which is performed by a health worker you will be asked about your family and childhood history, history of any illnesses or operations you have had and about your lifestyle. The check will include measurement and checks of height, weight, blood pressure, eyes, ears, and blood tests. As part of the health check you may also be referred to other services within OAMS.

This service is available to all clientele and can be performed in your home if you meet certain criteria.

After the completion of a health check, a gift voucher or item of clothing can be claimed, limited to one per client per health check.

How do I get an adult health check or organise one for my child?  Please call our service on (02) 6393 9000.