The four chronic diseases of diabetes, asthma, heart & kidney disease have a large impact on the health and quality of life of people in our community and is responsible for a major part of the life expectancy gap. These diseases account for some two thirds of the premature deaths among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander (ATSI) Australians.

As a group, these chronic illnesses are strongly influenced by a number of risk factors and OAMS strives to help people in our community through treatment, consultation and programs to reduce these risk factors to prevent these diseases from occurring. The major risk factors can include:

  • high blood pressure
  • high blood cholesterol
  • tobacco smoking
  • alcohol misuse
  • excess body weight
  • physical inactivity
  • poor diet and nutrition
  • long-term use of analgesic compounds and related agents
  • Personal hygiene & living conditions

You can make a difference to your health! Living well is living better! To get started on the road to wellness contact OAMS for an adult health check appointment.