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Our Services

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Doctors – Bulk Billing

For checkups and general health issues

Primary Health care

Better health for all

Adult Health Checks

For on-going adult well-being

Child and Family Health Service

Either at the centre or at local schools

Antenatal care

Maternal & infant health 


Free dental treatment for Aboriginal and long-term non-aboriginal clients


Mental Health, Drugs and Alcohol

Programs to reduce dependency and feel great!

Home Visits

For both primary and GP care

Transport Service

We provide transport to our service

Visiting specialists

Clinics include child health, eye health and other specialties



Murundhu dharaa - Mothers & Babies Service

OAMS provide support and information throughout the pregnancy journey. Antenatal care includes a birth plan and group prenatal classes.

OAMS Midwife & Child & Family Nurse work closely with other healthcare professionals as well as the Orange Local Health Service to ensure optimal outcomes for our clients and their baby is achieved. 

Following the birth of your baby, OAMS Midwife will visit you at your home within 24 hours after release from the hospital. We will suppoort you sharing practical advice and provide assisstance with feeding and caring for your newborn.

The Midwife will care for you and your baby up to six weeks where your baby will be referred to the OAMS Child and Family Health Nurse.



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